Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wichita, KS economic update, July, 2010

Wichita, Kansas Economic Update
July, 2010

The Brookings Institution just completed a study on American cities and how fast their exports were growing. Wichita, KS was Number one with the fastest growth of exports over the last five years. Only four Metropolitan areas doubled exports over the last 5 years…Wichita, Portland, New Orleans and Houston.
This growth in Wichita is mainly attributed to the Aviation sector. Wichita aircraft plants build nearly ½ of all general aviation aircraft delivered worldwide each year. Nearly ½ of all Aircraft manufactured in Wichita are sold outside of the United States.

Where Kansas Ranks in Spending and Taxes
Data from a 2008 survey of Local Governments and States

US average Kansas average Kansas rank
Property Taxes: 21.1% 20.9% 19th
Higher Ed. 7.9% 10.8% 9th
Sales Tax income 23.1% 23.2% 22nd
Highways 5.4% 7.9% 8th
State income tax 15.7% 16.7% 22nd

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